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UK winters often come with heavy rainfall, ice and even snowfall. These pose considerable threats to on-road driving safety as snow-laden roads are conducive to skids, which can lead to untoward incidents. This is why it is recommended to install winter tyres on your vehicle to avoid such mishaps.

Allens of Tadley Ltd. is a reputable retailer of winter tyres Tadley. We house tyres from every price segment to meet diverse customer budgets. Further, our inventory includes tyres for every vehicle make and model to cater to an extended clientele.

We are online! You can now end your search for ‘tyres near me’ around the Tadley region via our website from the comfort of your home. Please key in your car registration or tyre size details in the tyre finder tool. You can then browse through the displayed results and complete your purchase accordingly.

Our tyre stock at a glance

  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Nexen ( strongly recommended as our best-selling brand)

Why do experts recommend winter tyres?

Manufacturers develop winter tyres specifically to combat extreme temperatures and deliver reliable car control and grip on slushy roads. This is how it is possible:

Tread pattern:

Winter tyres feature a unique and deep tread design that effectively evacuate snow and water, reducing aquaplaning risks considerably. Furthermore, optimal rolling resistance also extends the service life of these tyres.

Rubber compound:

Winter variants are made from a natural rubber-rich compound to help maintain their structural integrity even in sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, this also enhances the braking efficiency of your vehicle in adverse conditions.

Sipe density:

Winter tyres come with dense sipes. These not only work in tandem with the tread blocks to minimise skidding risks but also facilitates better car control on wet surfaces.

Benefits of winter tyres

  • Better ROI due to increased durability
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reliable braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior on-road driving safety on snow tracks

Why choose the Allens?

  • We offer winter tyres Tadley at market-best rates.
  • Clients can also book a slot for a mobile-tyre fitting Tadley to ensure maximum convenience.
  • We house cheap winter tyres Tadley from globally renowned brands like Roadstone, Maxxis and Prestivo which deliver reliable on-road performance.
  • Our experts use modern tools and equipment to fit the tyres, balance the wheels and mount the tyres on your vehicle accurately with minimum turn-around time.
  • Tyre experts at our facility can also assist you in selecting the ideal set of winter tyres according to your budget.

Therefore, delay no more and visit our facility at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL to buy winter car tyres Tadley. Please call us on 01189 813623 for further information.