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Michelin Tyres

Are you looking to equip your car with high quality and durable tyres?

Michelin can be your ideal choice. Positioned as the leading tyre manufacturer worldwide, the secret to it s constant success owes to the advanced technology and innovation that helps it manufacture tyres of superior quality. Tyres from the house of Michelin ensure durability and high on-road performance.

Looking for the best Michelin ‘tyres near me’? Don’t look further.

Drive down to Allens of Tadley Ltd. or complete your tyre purchase online with us. We take pride in stocking an extensive range of Michelin tyres Tadley of different sizes and across different variants to suit all your vehicle needs and budget.

Take a glimpse of our best-selling Michelin tyres Tadley-

Tyres for summer

PILOT SPORT 4- Praised by leading European test magazines, this tyre features dynamic response technology, providing excellent steering response.

Additionally, the unique mix of elastomers and hydrophobic silica combined with wide grooves and optimised tread pattern delivers optimum water drainage and increases braking performance on wet roads.

Tyres for winter

ALPIN 6- This tyre features a multi-layered tread compound and unique tread pattern with grooves, ensuring excellent braking performance and commendable traction in severe winter conditions.

The high abrasion resistant compound in the tyre increases tread longevity. The innovative tread wear indicator adds a special benefit of tracking tyre change to maintain overall safe winter driving.

Tyres for all-season

CROSSCLIMATE PLUS - This Michelin car tyres Tadley features the EverGrip technology, comprising special silica compound and full-depth sipes to ensure driving safety all year round.

Apart from this, the rigid and bevel-edged tread blocks increase braking performance on dry roads. Additionally, the V-shaped tread pattern and 3D self-locking sipes support excellent traction on snowy roads. It is certified with three-peak mountain snowflakes for safe driving in winter.

We also retail models of Michelin tyres Tadley across other variants like:

  • PRIMACY 4 (4x4)
  • PILOT SUPER SPORT (High-performance tyre)
  • PRIMACY 3 ZERO PRESSURE (Run-flat) etc.

Buy Michelin tyres Tadley online

Now opt for Michelin car tyres Tadley online at your convenience. Visit our website. Provide your car’s registration number or tyre index number in the tyre portal, browse from our vast collection and purchase tyres that fulfil your vehicle needs and budget.

Wish to know more about these tyres? Please call us on 01189 813623. We promise to answer all your queries.