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Nexen Tyres

With innovative technology and premium materials, Nexen produces high-quality eco-friendly tyres that guarantee nothing but performance. The word Nexen combines two future-oriented words, ‘next’ and ‘century’ implying, this Korean tyre company’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing products of the future. In 2005, the company was awarded the patent for manufacturing rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tyres.

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Popular Nexen car tyres Tadley

Summer tyres

Summer variants from Nexen are manufactured with a hard rubber compound that offers optimal grip and handling on both wet and dry surfaces. These units offer reduced rolling resistance, increased fuel efficiency and lower tyre noise. With fewer grooves, these units efficiently clear water from the tyre’s surface, mitigating the risk of aquaplaning.

Popular summer variants include:

  • N’Fera SU1
  • N3000

Winter tyres

Winter variants from this Korean brand contain natural rubber compounds, which helps them to remain flexible in harsh winter climates. In addition, these units feature deeper tread blocks that enable them to dig deeper into the snow and provide an effective grip. Also, these units have high-density sipes which prove effective in water drainage and reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Popular winter variants include:


All-season tyres

If you are willing to cut both the cost and hassle of changing tyres twice a year, Nexen all-season units are your ideal solution. Nexen has specially formulated these variants with an all-adaptive compound that can deliver optimal performance throughout the year in mild weather conditions. These units have a thicker tread, making them extremely durable.

Please note: All-season units’ best perform in moderate weather conditions.

Popular all-season variants include:

  • N’Blue 4Season

The list of Nexen units goes on to include:

  • ROADIAN GTX, N’Fera RU1- 4X4 tyres
  • N8000, N’Blue HD Plus- Performance tyres

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