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Unable to start your car despite turning the ignition key repeatedly?

A failing or dead battery is probably the reason behind this.

On average, a car battery has around five years of service life, but this can drop considerably due to improper maintenance, harsh weather conditions and several other reasons. As a result, you could be stranded on the road with a dead battery. However, before a car battery dies, it gives various warning signs like a slow engine start, swollen battery case, dim headlights, the check engine light is on or clicking noise when turning the key.

You can head to our car workshop, Allens of Tadley Ltd. at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL, if you notice such symptoms. We are a well-known car service centre, providing a range of repairing and maintenance services and excellent products. At our workshop, we stock the best brands of car battery Tadley and retail them at affordable prices.

Now let’s have a closer look at how you can determine when to opt for a car battery replacement Tadley-

Symptoms of a failing car battery

Clicking sound on turning the key

When you turn on the ignition key, your car’s batteries send an electrical signal to the starter solenoid. However, a failing battery won't be able to send enough electricity to perform this function. When this happens, you can jumpstart your car with the right tools and a little help, but it's only a temporary fix. It is only wise to reach out to a professional workshop like ours and opt for a thorough inspection for a better solution.

Dim headlights

An early warning sign of failing car batteries is that they cannot power electrical components like headlights. So if your car's headlights seem to be dimmer and weaker than usual, you may need to get the batteries checked.

Swollen battery case

When exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, undesired chemical reactions can occur in the battery. This can cause the battery case to swell, making it 'electrically dead'. If this happens, you will need a car battery replacement Tadley at the earliest. At our facility, we provide OE-grade replacements at market-best rates. Therefore, reach us without further delay.

Slow crank

A failing car battery cannot supply enough power to crank the engine. If you hear slow cranks, you may consider bringing it to our workshop.

Engine backfires

A failing car battery will cause intermittent sparks, which leads to fuel accumulating in the cylinders. When the built-up becomes too much, it can suddenly ignite with increased force, resulting in an engine backfire.

Rotten egg smell

If you notice a nasty smell like rotten eggs, it more likely comes from a battery leakage.

Noticing any of the above warning signs?

If yes, then end your search for ‘battery repairing services near me’ with our facility. We provide car battery Tadley tests so you can know about its current state and high-quality replacements at excellent prices.

Please come over for a routine battery check or replacement service by calling us on 01189 813623, and you won't have to worry about being stranded with a “dead” car.