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Buckled alloy wheels not only affect the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle but also reduce car handling safety. Hence, it is crucial to get a buckled alloy wheel straightened as soon as possible at a professional workshop. In case you delay it for too long, the structural integrity of the buckled or bent wheel will be severely jeopardised, and you might have to replace the wheel altogether.

If you are looking for professional alloy wheel straightening Tadley, you can come over to us - Allens of Tadley Ltd.

Our professionals have been trained as per the industry-best standards and possess considerable years of in-hand experience in alloy wheel straightening Tadley services. Hence, when you reach us for alloy wheel repairs, our experts will conduct a detailed inspection and take the best course of action, ensuring prompt and accurate repairs.

Warning signs of buckled alloy wheels

Buckles on alloy wheels may not always be visible. Some of the most commonly recognised symptoms of buckled alloy wheels are:

  • Frequent tyre pressure loss
  • Poor braking performance
  • Juddering in the steering wheel
  • Poor steering response
  • Inefficient car handling experience

If you detect any of these issues, you must immediately come to us for a detailed alloy wheel check Tadley. We will use advanced equipment to conduct alloy wheel inspections and follow a defined process of alloy wheel straightening Tadley, as discussed below.

Our alloy wheel straightening process

  • Our experts will first un-mount the tyres from the alloy wheels to check whether there are any cracks.
  • Next, we will use a dial gauge to measure the wheel shape and identify the distorted region.
  • Following this, we will first weld the cracks (if any).
  • We will then use a technologically advanced hydraulic press to apply pressure to the buckled region carefully, ensuring the alloy does not crack any further.
  • Finally, we will conduct powder coating, refurbish the paintwork damage, and colour-match it to perfection.

Still searching for alloy wheel straightening near me?

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