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According to the UK laws, it is mandatory for vehicle lights, including indicators, headlamps, brake lights, interior lights, etc., to function optimally to be roadworthy. If any of these lights are not working, it can fail its annual MOT and attract penalties.

Allens of Tadley Ltd. is a go-to destination for car bulb replacement Tadley. We stock OE-grade spares from reputed manufacturers across various price segments to meet diverse customer budgets. Therefore, if you are facing any issue related to your car bulbs, do not hesitate to drive by our facility at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL.

Car bulbs we sell

Allens of Tadley houses bulbs for every car make and model to extend our offering to a broader clientele looking for ‘car bulb replacement near me in’ the Tadley region.

A glance at the types of car bulbs available at our facility:

  • Indicatorlamps
  • Headlamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Brake lights
  • Interior lights
  • Reversing and number plate lights, etc.

Categories of bulbs we store


These bulbs emit a bright and warm yellowish light and are the most affordable solution to car headlamp bulb replacement Tadley. They are easily available and do not require any wiring modification – the main reason for their widespread popularity. Moreover, a wide range of power output options makes it a top preference among car manufacturers.


These are suitable for vehicle owners looking to improve the headlamp light output without making any major wiring modifications. However, modifications will vary depending on brand and output.


These bulbs emit a bright warm yellow light akin to daylight. They offer the best output in terms of light intensity and range. They come with the longest service life and are usually expensive owing to their performance and utility.

How do car bulbs sustain damage?

  • Increased condensation in bulb covers
  • Loose spring connection
  • Faulty wiring
  • Accumulation of excess grease and dust on bulb glass, preventing uniform heating
  • Low-quality bulb connectors
  • Erratic voltage due to a malfunctioning or dying battery

To avoid hefty fines and MOT failure, it is imperative to opt for car bulb replacement Tadley if any vehicle bulb ceases to function optimally.

If you have any further queries regarding car bulbs Tadley, please call us on 01189 813623 to talk to our experts!