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Motorists often tend to fall for the misconception that they should opt for car diagnostics only when the check engine light comes to life on the dashboard. Most automobiles nowadays come equipped with an array of sensors and microchips that effectively detect vehicular issues. However, like any equipment, these too can malfunction, thus compromising your safety on the road.

Therefore, we, Allens of Tadley, suggest that you take charge of your safety by opting for a car engine diagnostics Tadley at our facility.

How can we be of service?

Our facility ensures accurate identification of a wide range of vehicular issues by using diagnostic tools explicitly engineered for this purpose. Most modern vehicles come with an On-Board Diagnostics System or OBD. The experienced technicians at our garage effectively tap into a car’s OBD port and identify issues with the use of advanced equipment and handheld scanners.

TadleyThese scanners read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs generated by the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Some of the problem areas detected during a car diagnostic test Tadley at our garage:

  • Issues in the braking system
  • Performance of the suspension system
  • Issues within the coolant system
  • Defective or flat battery
  • Concerns related to the engine
  • Fuel injector

After the diagnostic test is complete, our friendly team will clearly explain the issues and the work that needs to be undertaken along with the quote.

Why should you go for our vehicle diagnostic services?

Some of the benefits of our routine car engine diagnostics Tadley are:

  • Early detection of vehicular issues
  • Elimination of potential major repairs
  • Maximising safety on the road

When should you opt for our services?

As mentioned earlier, you should never wait for your vehicle’s check engine light to illuminate before availing car engine diagnostics Tadley. Instead, we recommend that you take a more proactive approach to curb potential damages by opting for this service at least once a year.

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