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To purchase the right set of car tyres for your vehicle, you need to have a clear understanding of the tyre size. Appropriate tyre size is crucial to enjoying an optimal vehicular performance, enhanced driving comfort, and on-road safety. 

You need to follow the tyre size of your vehicle every time you purchase new car tyres Tadley.

Understanding the tyre codes can be quite challenging for the uninitiated.

Therefore, at Allens of Tadley Ltd, our tyre experts will provide a detailed explanation of tyre size to help you make an informed choice.

Decoding tyre size

Tyre size is a set of unique alphanumeric codes that conveys vital data about a vehicle tyre on various crucial metrics.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have purchased car tyres Tadley with the following code embossed on the sidewalls: 185/45 R15 75V

This is what each of the components of the code will imply:

185:The first three digits denote tyre width. It is represented in millimetres. Here, the tyre comes with a width of 185 mm.

45:The next two digits signify aspect ratio or profile of a tyre. It is the ratio of a tyre’s sidewall to its width and is measured in percentage. In this case, the ratio of sidewall to the width is 45%.

R:R stands for Radial, and it denotes the type of construction that a tyre features. Majority of car tyres in the UK are of radial type. 

15:This refers to the rim diameter of a tyre and is represented in inches. The tyre in question has a wheel diameter of 15 inches. 

75: After rim diameter comes the load capacity of a tyre. It is the optimum load that a tyre can withstand when inflated to its maximum. Here, 75 indicate that the tyre can withstand a maximum load of 387 kgs.

V:Lastly, the final letter in this series is the speed rating. It shows the maximum speed at which a tyre can run while carrying its optimal load. Here, V means the tyre in question comes with a speed rating of 149 miles/hour.

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