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Bridgestone Tyres

Established in 1931, Bridgestone has grown to be Japan’s biggest and world’s second-largest tyre manufacturer. Bridgestone has a strong footprint in more than 150 countries and is trusted by renowned vehicle manufacturers as OE, including Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Peugeot. In 2020, Bridgestone won TyreSafe’s Innovation & Use of Technology Award for producing technologically advanced products and its extensive range of services.

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Top-selling Bridgestone tyres

Performance variants

POTENZA S001: Potenza S001 is an ultra-high performance tyre with an asymmetric tread pattern and innovative construction. This UHP variant is manufactured with a stiff shoulder block that helps deliver superior grip while taking corners, alongside offering increased traction and braking performance. In addition, Bridgestone has developed this model with an off-centre straight rib that provides car-enthusiasts with quick vehicle response, precise handling and stable performance at high speeds. Moreover, its wide-angle and groove help to reduce the risk of aquaplaning efficiently.

4X4 variants

DUELER H/P SPORT: Designed for premium sport 4X4s and SUVs, Dueler H/P Sport offers reliable handling on both dry and wet surfaces (thanks to the innovative tread design). Bridgestone has manufactured this variant with a concentrated silica compound, enabling it to remain responsive to the road surface, thus enhancing traction, particularly on wet surfaces.

Run-flat variants

DRIVEGUARD: This tyre is a notable example of Bridgestone’s run-flat variants. Bridgestone has manufactured this run-flat unit with a specially formulated compound that optimally resists heat, enhances flexibility and guarantees a longer tyre life. Also, these run-flat variants feature reinforced sidewalls that help keep the tyre’s structural integrity intact even during sudden air loss or puncture. Equipped with Bridgestone DriveGuard, car owners can continue driving at 50 mph for 50 miles with a punctured tyre.

At Allens of Tadley Ltd, we also stock season-specific variants from the house of Bridgestone. Some of the popular units include,

  • Summer variants (ECOPIA EP500)
  • Winter variants (BLIZZAK LM005)
  • All-season variants (WEATHER CONTROL A001)

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