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Prestivo is a subsidiary brand of the Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama. These tyres offer enhanced on-road performance along with durability, courtesy of the latest innovations. In addition, the affordability of these tyres is also a key factor behind their rising popularity in the UK.

If you are searching for a reliable retailer of Prestivo car tyres Tadley, Allens of Tadley Ltd. is a one-stop destination. We house all tyre variants to extend our offerings to a broader customer base. All tyres available at our facility undergo stringent checks to ensure they adhere to the road safety regulations and offer assured on-road performance.

Customers can buy their favourite Prestivo car tyres Tadley online too!

You can browse through available options on our website using your car registration and tyre details. Then, you can complete your purchase accordingly.

Alongside, you can schedule a convenient slot online for a garage- or mobile tyre-fitting service. Our tyre experts will reach your preferred location and complete the fitment procedure accurately.

Alternatively, you can drive down to our tyre shop at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL, to buy Prestivo tyres at the best rates.

Tyre types we stock


Summer tyres from Prestivo are manufactured with a specialised harder rubber material along with joint-less bead wire for enhanced stability and comfort. Further, their high tension modulus bead fillers offer increased steering response. Straight-groove tread design delivers superior car handling and also combats aquaplaning risks on wet surfaces.

Top pick: PV-715


The winter variants from Prestivo feature an innovative lamellar structure that ensures reliable grip and durability. Thermo-elastic silica-infused soft rubber compound offers efficient grip and braking ability on snow-laden roads. Further, increased tread depth helps reduce hydroplaning on slippery roads.

Top pick: PV-W300


All-season tyres are suitable for people searching for ‘tyres near me’ that can offer reliable on-road performance throughout the year in moderate climatic conditions. Prestivo all-season variants are made from an all-adaptive high-grip silica compound that delivers superior braking performance and a noiseless driving experience.

Top pick: PV-S109


Prestivo’s 4x4 variants come with an aggressive tread design for enhanced control and traction even in adverse road conditions. 4-channel groove design along a 2-step graduated groove facilitates rapid water and slush dispersion for hydroplaning resistance.

Top pick: PV-X2


Performance or UHP tyres are manufactured for supercars and performance cars specifically. The PV-W440 comes with thin sipes and a specialised design for better snow track performance at high speeds. Further, a V-shaped centre tread pattern accounts for excellent car handling on both dry and wet surfaces.

Top pick: PV-W440

Besides these, you will find several other tyres at our garage.

For further information on Prestivo tyres Tadley, please call us on 01189 813623.