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Driving with under or over-inflated tyres is very dangerous and can lead to sudden tyre blowouts. Therefore, you should regularly check your vehicle’s tyre pressure to improve your on-road driving safety and the tyres’ lifespan. The correct pressure level is the minimum PSI required to support a vehicle’s maximum load-bearing capacity. This number is specified by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

Allens of Tadley Ltd. is a reputable vehicle service centre in Tadley, offering a comprehensive variety of car services. Our facility has a team of highly trained servicemen with years of experience servicing all sorts of vehicles. We provide free tyre pressure check Tadley for all customers and inflate/deflate their car’s tyres per the manufacturer specifications.

Where can you find the correct tyre pressure levels?

You can find the correct tyre pressure level in your vehicle’s handbook/owner’s manual. You can also find it printed in places like:

  • Sill of the driver's door
  • Glove compartment door
  • On the fuel cap

When should you check the tyre pressure?

Our experts recommend regularly checking the tyre pressure levels using a pressure gauge or even better, getting our free tyre pressure check Tadley. You should check this at least once a month, before long journeys and when your vehicle’s load increases or decreases considerably. You can find recommended pressure levels for extra passengers or luggage printed on the tyre placard or owner’s manual.

Dangers of driving on over or underinflated tyres

The following are some reasons to never drive on incorrectly inflated tyres-

  • Under-inflated tyres make it hard to steer your car and reduce the handling performance.
  • It makes the tyres more likely to overheat, increasing the risks of a blowout.
  • Under-inflation also causes rapid wear on the outer edges of a tyre.
  • Over-inflation causes the sidewalls and treads of a tyre to become harder, resulting in an uncomfortable ride.
  • Over-inflation also causes rapid tread wear and increases the risk of blowouts.
  • Both over and under-inflation affects braking performance and increases fuel expenses.

Take a short drive to our facility at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL, to opt for a free tyre pressure check. No appointment needed.