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Tyre repair is a suitable and cost-efficient alternative to purchasing new car tyres. Although there is abundant availability of DIY tyre repair kits in the markets, most lack standardisation. Driving for extended periods with inaccurate tyre repairs can sustain damage to your car’s suspension, causing wheel alignment discrepancies and accelerated tyre wear. Further, they can also damage your car wheels, compromising your on-road driving safety.

This is why experts suggest opting for tyre repairs only from professionals to ensure driving safety and avoid hefty service expenses.

Allens of Tadley Ltd. is an ideal destination for tyre repair Tadley. Our experts possess adequate technical prowess to deliver accurate tyre repairs using modern tools and techniques.

We ensure that the tyres meet the required legal mandates and offer assured on-road performance.

Is it legal to repair all tyres?

Our experts will first inspect the car tyres and check their carcass condition. We will conduct a tyre puncture repair Tadley only if:

  • The tyre features a tread depth of 1.6mm – the legal minimum to drive on the UK roads legally. However, we recommend a replacement if the tyre-tread depth is below 2mm to ensure maximum on-road driving safety.
  • Around 3/4th of the central strip of a tyre is essential to maintain optimal tyre-surface contact per the UK laws.
  • If a tyre’s sidewall is damaged, it compromises the structural integrity and jeopardises your on-road safety. In such cases, we suggest replacing the old tyre since the sidewall is instrumental for cornering control and vehicle stability.
  • Tyre repairs are only possible when there are no exposed cords or damage to the tyre carcass. If there are cracks or visible tyre innards, it is imperative to replace the tyre. In addition, a damaged tyre carcass can make your vehicle susceptible to skids, apart from compromising car control and braking ability.

Moreover, we do not conduct repairs on tyres with punctures or cuts exceeding 6mm, as such tyres can no longer deliver reliable on-road performance, and a replacement is recommended.

Please note: Tyres that have been previously repaired with a DIY kit cannot be repaired.

Symptoms of damaged tyres

Apart from the obvious flat tyre or sharp objects stuck in the tyre, you might notice:

  • Diminished braking efficiency
  • Your car skids often when you hit the brake pedal
  • An illuminated and blinking TPMS light on the car’s dashboard
  • Juddering wheels
  • Increased difficulty in maintaining vehicle stability
  • Reduced car control, etc.

Some of the most common reasons leading to tyre damage are:

  • Damage due to punctures caused by sharp objects
  • Driving on misaligned or unbalanced wheels for extended periods
  • Defects valves
  • Damage due to punctures caused by sharp objects
  • Old tyres with weakened material
  • Driving on bad terrains
  • Incomplete puncture repairs
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Driving with inaccurately inflated car tyres

We conduct tyre repair Tadley using the three most popular and effective techniques to end ‘tyre repair shop near me’ searches. The three methods are:

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Plug & Patch

Therefore, visit our workshop at Tadley Hill, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3PL or call us for affordable tyre puncture repair Tadley.

For further information, reach out to our experts. Please call us on 01189 813623 during business hours.