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Continental Tyres

Continental, the German tyre giant, holds third place as the largest tyre manufacturer globally. To keep this stature, over 200,000 highly skilled employees in over 50 countries worldwide are rigorously working on mobility, transport, and processing expertise.

Allens of Tadley Ltd. is a reputed retailer of Continental tyres Tadley. We house an impressive range of Continental car tyres Tadley in different variants and sizes.

Some of our top car tyres Tadley are-

SportContact 6 (for summer)

  • Black Chili Technology maximises grip in all directions ensuring supreme driving experience.
  • The unique tread pattern vectors improved controlling.
  • It features the new adaptive hybrid cap ply, Aralon350, to retain stability even at high speed up to 350km/h.

Other options-

  • PremiumContact 6
  • EcoContact 6 Q

WinterContact TS 870 (for winter)

  • The Cool Chili compound improves braking in wet and slushy conditions.
  • The combination of Performance Resins and Flexible Polymer Matrix count for high mileage and better fuel efficiency.
  • Equipped with the Triple Sipe Concept, you can rely on this variant for reliable control and shorter braking distance.

Other options-

  • WinterContact TS 870 P
  • ContiWinterContact TS 850

AllSeasonContact (for all-season)

  • The Traction Silica Compound ensures year-round performance and excellent braking precision.
  • With this variant, you can save more fuel and count on an outstanding driving experience.
  • The open shoulders and stiff pattern provide improved aquaplaning performance and better control in mild temperatures.

Other than these Continental tyres Tadley, we also extend the following-

SportContact6 (UHP)

features a unique rubber compound that assures high adhesion in all directions during braking, cornering and acceleration. It also acts as a small suction pad even at the nanoscopic level.

ContiCrossContact AT

(4X4) performs well on rough and rocky terrains. Equipped with an aggressive tread pattern, this model offers extreme grip. Solid construction gives maximum protection against damages like cuts and abrasions.

SportContact 2 SSR

(RFT) is a self-support variant, extending mobility and longer tread life. With this premium variant, you save drive safely for up to 50 miles an hour, even after a blow-out.

Without further wasting your time looking for ‘tyres near me’, come and buy Continental tyres Tadley from us at genuine prices.

Also, we have extended our services online for your convenience. Provide your car’s registration number or tyre’s specifications and scroll through our exhaustive collection of Continental tyres Tadley.

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